Marco is the revenue manager at The Athena

He’s desperate to reduce the hotel’s reliance on expensive OTAs. So when he heard about our 10% commission, he signed up immediately. Now he’s getting bookings via national newspapers, the nearby concert hall, and the wedding venue just down the road. Marco calls us 'better than the usual suspects'. You can call us Staylists.

A Smarter Way of Selling Rooms

Staylists provides better bookings for hotels by selling your rooms to guests who have a specific reason to travel.

We increase the visibility of your property by partnering with big brands that already have an audience and venues that have a very captive audience for every event. This also means we don't need to recoup exorbitant advertising costs. We pass this saving on to you – the accommodation owner. Staylists charges a fair commission of 10%.

a staylist with your name on it

Your rooms in front of guests attending a wedding, conference or concert. Your property associated with trusted brands for their customers to book.

And because we don't need to pay the search engines for customers, we're able to charge a fairer commission of 10%.

All of which makes Staylists is the perfect alternative to costly search and expensive OTAs.


guaranteed bookings, seamlessly

We have robust integrations with the leading suppliers of hotel technology to deliver you maximum occupancy for minimal effort.

Bookings are made directly with you and delivered in real-time complete with all payment information.

It's the best hassle-free way for you to maximise your occupancy with absolutely no upfront costs.

Why everybody's excited about Staylists

Over 8,000 hotels

With an ever-growing pool of all kinds of accommodation, we are one of the largest direct inventory suppliers in the UK.

£150m and counting

We have handled bookings worth over £150m for the hotels on our platform, and we're just getting started.

10% Commission

We don't pay the search engines for customers. So we can charge a fairer commission rate than traditional OTAs.

Seamless Hotel Connectivity

Hotel perfect

and many more

Trusted by over 8,000 hotels


Your hotel could use Staylists

It’s time to work smarter and be rewarded for your efforts. Join the thousands of hotels up and down the country who are already seeing the rewards of Staylists.