How does it work?

You define the hotels, B&Bs, cottages and campsites you’d like to feature on your website. We find as many as we can we can from our inventory of approximately 10,000 UK businesses – all with real-time rates and availability courtesy of our connections with prominent booking technology partners.

We then provide simple scripts to embed the search and book interface seamlessly into your website, and give you the power to customise the look and feel to suit your brand.

If you choose to charge commission for bookings made on your website, we bill and collect this for you via Direct Debit, and then make a monthly settlement to you with full reconciliation information.

Why partner with Staylists?

  • Starting from scratch to build your own booking platform will cost you precious time getting to market. (It's also going to cost you a small fortune on the financial side.) With Staylists, you'll be able to get your product to market quickly, without any substantial technical investment.
  • The Staylists platform has handled hundreds of millions of pounds of bookings, so you can be confident that we have a battle-tested product that is able to deliver instant booking for your website visitors.
  • Staylists gives you a wonderfully-pragmatic level of customisation. Enough to make it look and feel like your own technology – and not enough to enable you to break the booking experience!