Tourism is one of the largest industries in the world, accounting for around 10% of global GDP. And stats aside, people just love booking a holiday or a couple of nights away with their partner, family or friends.

Staylists gives brands the opportunity to bring the joy of booking a break to their customers – via a white-label platform that is infinitely customisable, managed and hosted by us, and promoted by you.
We’ll find the right property owners for your offer (or if you’ve got some to send our way, that’s great too), and set the platform up to dovetail into your marketing plans.
Once we’re up and running, we’ll take a small commission on each booking and share this with you based on the commercials we agree. And if you’d prefer not to have commission-based model, we’re happy to discuss other commercial arrangements too.
Generate additional revenue from your existing customers
Completely customisable platform to suit your brand and marketing
You focus on the audience, we focus on the technology