Alex & Jules are two loyal customers

They've always trusted your brand. So when your latest newsletter hit their inbox, they started browsing your great selection of UK hotels. In fact, they booked one for next weekend. They called it 'fun and spontaneous'. We call it a staylist.

The Easy Way of Selling Stays

A staylist is the perfect solution for brands, tourism associations, DMOs, newspapers and more.

It's the simplest way to sell holidays and getaways to your audience. That's because we already work with thousands of hotels. And we have the perfect platform on which to create your booking site. So whether you're diversifying or doubling-down, the opportunities are huge.

a staylist for your audience

Your staylist is a collection of hotels with live availability, chosen to match the requirements of you and your customers.

We integrate directly with leading hotel technology to ensure your staylist is packed with the right places at the best prices.

So whether you're looking for big city hotels or idyllic country B&Bs, we've got the properties to suit your organisation.


seamless booking guaranteed

Staylists provides a simple way for you to sell holidays to your customers.

Bookings and payments are made directly with the hotels, so there's no need to worry about operational or compliance overhead.

It's the best hassle-free way for you to maximise your potential, gain affiliate revenue and improve customer satisfaction.

Why everybody's excited about Staylists

Over 8,000 hotels

We're one of the largest direct inventory suppliers in the UK, so your staylist will be packed with a great mix of places at the best prices.

Down the middle

Our standard terms are to share half of all commission with our partners, so you'll earn thousands of pounds without lifting a finger.


We'll take care of the setup and maintenance. The hotels will process all bookings and payments. All you need to do is click to get started.

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Your business could use a Staylist

It’s time to work smarter and be rewarded for your efforts. Join the thousands of hotels up and down the country who are already seeing the rewards of Staylists.