Staylists announces DerbySoft integration

The exciting partnership will enable big hotel chains to sell on the Staylists platform.

Staylists has announced an imminent integration with DerbySoft – a global technology company that connects hotels to distributors. This integration brings hotel chains (such as Hilton, Radisson and IHG) on to the Staylists platform, enabling Staylists to scale its coverage within big cities, and benefit from hotel booking opportunities around conferences, concerts and sporting events.

Adam Clarke, Head of Partnerships at Staylists, said: ‘We look forward to working with well known hotel chains to give greater choice to our customers in cities across the UK. We’re delighted to confirm our partnership with DerbySoft and look forward to finalising the integration.’

Pablo O'Brien from DerbySoft said: ‘We’re excited to partner with Staylists and offer another distribution opportunity to our hotels. The integration will be of huge benefit, as it enables them to collaborate with nearby venues and events to secure bookings.'