The Staylists OTA API is a set of Open Travel Alliance (OTA) compliant messages that allows you to send rates and availability to Staylists and for us to send reservations, modifications and cancellations back to you.

If you are a PMS or Channel Manager that already connects to other services that use the OTA standard, we hope that connecting to Staylists will be a breeze. Our APIs are battle-tested in production every day by industry-leading Channel Managers and PMS providers.


If you're not a developer working in the hotel booking space with some knowledge of XML or SOAP, then you're probably in the wrong place. So we're going to assume you are pretty familiar with the idea of sending some some SOAP-based XML messages over HTTP.

Make that HTTPS

Messages should be sent using https. Messages will take the form of a request from you and a response from us, or vice versa. You may note that request messages have a suffix of RQ and responses a suffix of RS.

OTA Standard

As far as we understand, these messages are based on Open Travel Alliance (OTA) specifications for version 2010A. However, if your understanding is greater than ours, and we have some innaccuracies, then do please point them out by sending an email to support@staylists.com and we'll improve this documentation. Thank you.

Naming in Examples

The documentation contains plenty of example messages to help you along the way. For the sake of clarity, when we refer to Elements, Attributes, and Values in the examples, this is the structure we are referring to:

<Element Attribute="Value" Attribute="Value"></Element>

Testing Tools

Once you're setup with credentials, you can get your hands dirty with our API by using a tool such as Postman.


We're technology people too. And when an API doesn't do what you expect it to, or the docs quite frankly suck, then it's really frustrating. Send a message to support@staylists.com with the subject line Your API is killing me, and we'll do our very best to help.